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The foundation is governed by a distinguished and diverse Board of Trustees with experience in the fields of higher education, business, government, technology, health care, nonprofit management, and the civic sector. The Board sets policies relating to geographic focus, spending, investment, management, and governance. The Board Members bring a vast range of knowledge and experience to the task of governing the foundation.

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Dr. Ade Viyouh
Board President

Dr. Adeline Viyuoh is a primary care physician board certified in internal medicine. She received her medical degree from University of Alabama School of Medicine.

She has a special interest in the management of chronic diseases and preventive care. Dr. Viyuoh believes in partnering with her patients to provide up to date, evidence based, and compassionate medical care. She enables her patients to become active participants in their care by educating and equipping them with all that they need to thrive. Dr. Viyouh also gives back to the community through mentorship programs and initiatives that benefit the underserved.

 Dr. Viyuoh currently resides in Triangle, Virginia, with her husband and three children. In her spare time, she likes to play hoops with her sons, walk/run, play board games with family


Dr. Prudence Ngwainmbi
Financial Secretary

Dr. Prudentia Chiabi Ngwainmbi is a clinical pharmacist with CVS Health, North Carolina. She earned her PharmD from Wingate University School of Pharmacy. Dr Ngwainmbi also served as human services practitioner for 13 years and director of the Educational Talent Search Program at Elizabeth City State University.

In these positions, she facilitated as principal investigator the funding from the United States Department of Education a 1.3 million grant which served over a thousand high school students yearly from low- income background with the potential of becoming first generation college graduates. Dr Ngwainmbi is passionate about mentorship and serving underserved communities. She resides in Waxhaw, North Carolina with her husband and two children.  She loves reading, traveling, cooking, and cleaning. 


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Dr. Gisele Awondzeko


Ms. Chloe Landolfini
Assistant Secretary


Dr. Gisèle Awondzeko Fouellefack is a dentist and owner of Meadows Dental Group, British Colombia.  She completed her doctorate degree in the department of Maxillofacial Surgery of the University of Göttingen, Germany and has received numerous awards for excellence, including the Alex Motsh Award and the Golden Hedstrom File from the German dental journal Endodontie

Dr. Gisèle Awondzeko Fouellefack feels very blessed to have lived in different continents. It has allowed her to connect and relate to people of different backgrounds. She is a proud mother of two very active and dedicated young girls. Besides travelling, she loves outdoor activities and enjoys spending time with friends and family. She believes in giving back to the community and is fluent in English, German, French, Norwegian, and Dshang.

Dr. Patience Fielding is a Senior Educationist and International Development Specialist with over 20 years’ experience education, non-profit management, project management and human capacity development. She holds a Ph.D. in Education with a focus on International Development  from the University of California at Berkeley, USA. She has collaborated with policy makers, global donors, practitioners, and community organizations to increase  education access and opportunities in urban and rural regions.  Dr. Patience is also a beginning farmer; she uses agriculture as a platform for sustainable development, economic empowerment, leadership development, and community building.

 She collaborates with farmers in Africa, helping with amongst others, strategic planning and business development.   She lives in the Virginia countryside with her family and enjoys gardening, hiking, travelling, reading, trying new foods, and discovering new cultures.

Chloe Landolfini grew up in Singapore, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. She attended University in Paris where she studied Computer Sciences.  She is also an entrepreneur in Education and has helped design effecting Mathematics teaching programs for low-income communities. Chloe is passionate about community service. She has volunteered and helped organize events in the tech industry, restauration, fashion and beauty, and entrepreneurship. In Cameroon, Chloe helped organize events that brought communities together for cross-cultural celebrations. In Hamburg, Germany she contributed to a documentary on  buildings made and powered by ecologically friendly materials. In Cambodia, she volunteered orphanage, serving the needs of disadvantaged children. Chloe has also taken an interest in helping people with disabilities. Chloe lives in London and Paris and loves music, family, and travel.


Dr. Patience Fielding
Chief Executive Officer

Service is the very purpose of life. It is the rent we pay for living on planet earth.


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